November 2020 Bullet Journal Layout

Posted November 10, 2020 by Kate

hello, loves! 

I’m usually pretty good about having my monthly spreads drawn up in advance, but I literally drew out November’s layouts ON November 1st! Which was a Sunday, so that’s not too big of a deal, but whew! I just couldn’t decide on a theme. I LOVED October’s rustic witch theme so much, I wanted to love November equally as much. And I have to say… mission accomplished??

I turned to my 2019 Bullet Journal for inspiration, and I saw that I did a kind of light post + black/yellow theme that was stunning! At least the Calendar page was, I messed up quite a bit on the other pages, admittedly ? So I Pinterested some light-post pictures, and found the one you see printed out on my blog dashboard page. It had some mushrooms in the corner, which took me on a Pinterest rabbit-hole of fantasy scenes in nature, and mushrooms. I had so much fun! Unfortunately, I don’t have the artistic ability to pull most of that off… but I do have a printer! So I printed them, and put them on white cardstock, which gave it a kind of polaroid effect! I’m obsessed ?

This theme is so fun, and it reminds me to find the magic in nature, as the air is turning crisp, and the trees are turning into riotous colors. I want to remember to dream this month, and I think this theme has helped me achieve this.


My Monthly Spread

This tree picture is one that I was ?? OBSESSED ?? with as soon as I found it!! It’s kind of a tree of life/ tree knowledge/ tree of magic recreation, plus a curious little door, that I thought it perfectly embodied my month as I wanted it to be. This is the time where I’m hitting the books for finals, my day job gets busy with the holiday bustle, and everything picks up the pace… as much motivation wanes. Seeing this picture inspires me, something I’ll need this month ✨


Reading Tracker + Quote Page

The next page after my calendar, as always, is my reading tracker!! I pasted another stunning picture next to it – it’s a tree that looks like it houses faeries ?✨ I have this sticker on my laptop that says “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again,” and this picture begged for that quote. Absolutely stunning ??


Blog Dashboard

This is the picture that inspired this theme!! So ethereal, haunting, but whimsical and magical all at the same time! This picture is one of many possibilities, which I wanted next to my blog dashboard, a tracker and a to-do list page for my blog and connected accounts! The holiday season and end-of-year season means that there’s a lot of heavy blogging coming up, after all.


Weekly Spreads


Week #1 turned out SO WELL!! If I do say so myself ??? The fantasy mushroom pictures as polaroids, plus the subtle little shape doodles, PLUS the mushroom hand-drawing make this page one of my faves!! Although, full disclosure, this side doodle was definitely traced off my iPad.



Week #2 is also so inspiring!! Instead of the yellow accent from last week, I pulled a whimsical pink from the featured image (a smaller version of the one across from my reading tracker!), and used the same typewriter font for the weekdays as I did last week!



Week #3 is a magical blue accent, as this is crush week. The last week before the holidays, I have some exams, and definitely lots of work to do this week! But still absolutely love the whimsicality of this spread, as it reminds me not to take myself and my to-do list so seriously.


You might be thinking: What the heck happened to week #4?? Well, I don’t have classes that week, except for the first two days! Only a few classes will have deadlines on those days, and to be honest, I need the break on that week. So I elected for just one page, divided into two columns: academics and blog.


Thankfulness Tracker

Across from week #4’s layout is a thankful tracker! My family doesn’t take Thanksgiving too seriously (it is a pretty problematic holiday), but we do use it as a time to connect with family members, truly connect, and work hard during a mandatory family dinner :) But I have more to be grateful for than my family members, so I left this space for me to remember that.

You can see I messed up and forgot the number 20 ? That’s why it’s just chilling at the bottom! Oops ??


Christmas Presents Tracker

This is all filled out, which is why you’re just getting the header! I don’t go too hard for this list, because it’s for my eyes only, and I want it to be adaptable and uncomplicated.


Readathon Tracker


I’m participating in the Gilmore Girls Readathon this month! I’ll have a blog post / YouTube video up soon with my TBR, but in the meantime, you can find more information here!

love the TV show, so I definitely had to have room for all the pictures! But since the readathon has the week’s challenges plus a bingo board, I was short on room. Hence, the dutch door! I’m rather proud  of this spread ???


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Do you have a bullet journal? What’s your planning process/theme for the month? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you!

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