12 Cozy Bookstagram Feeds to Love ?✨

Posted September 18, 2020 by Kate

hello, lovelies!!

It’s almost that time of the year!! The coziest time of year with sweaters, warm blankets, and hot drinks, with leaves on the grass and the air turning a bit crisper ? My favorite time of year!!

Lately, I’ve been really loving the really cozy Instagram feeds, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites that I’ve seen lately! All of these people are truly lovely, and I highly recommend tossing a follow their way :) They deserve it, and you deserve their goodness in your life.

Disclaimer: Despite the various Harry Potter paraphernalia shown in these photos, I do not endorse the author for her words or actions. I acknowledge that you cannot fully separate art from the artist, but I will never be able to not love this series, especially as this is series is the ultimate cozy experience. Even as I continue to enjoy the series, it’s important to recognize the instances where her personal biases have bled into the books and I do not support those, either. 



→ Samantha @shewritesaboutbooks


Looking at these photos just make me want to curl up and read!! ✨ Between the knit blanket (I’m assuming?) in the background, the warm coffee/hot chocolate/drink, and the flickering candles, this looks like my optimal night.



Erica @a_feast_of_pages


I love the mini-pumpkins in the last shot! I really need to go out and get some autumnal decorations for my desk and bedroom areas ?  Plus The Name of the Wind rep?? Absolute coziness: Achieved!! ??



Amanda @amandasnoseinabook


These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I love Amanda’s cozy nature aesthetic and would totally steal it if I had the incredible skills she has!! I was definitely shopping for more earthy/brown pictures when shopping for images for this post, but damn, she made green and orange work so well!! I just want to put myself in these pictures ?? Check out her podcast here



Sharon @bookishgirl89


Oh my gosh, my autumn soul just wants to stare at these beautiful photos forever!! They look so cozy and autumnal and I’m in awe ? Sharon certainly knows what she’s doing when it comes to her book photography. Every time I come across one of her photos, I just want to curl up and have a reading day ✨



Fabi @fabilous_books


First of all, I’m obsessed with this mug!! I may have to ?  make a purchase ? oops? But the stunning mug aside (jk I’m still obsessed!!) Fabi’s posts are stunning and are very autumnally (a word?) colored!! Plus Fabi always has amazing product recommendations  ?

Find the mug artist here | Her Society6 shop | Her Redbubble shop



Kelley @kecandbooks


This first picture ?? I absolutely adore all three of these pictures and get such cozy vibes, but I can’t help the sweater love I get from the first one!! Kelley is certainly the one to beat with these beautiful autumnal setups already!



Megan @meganthemeganerd


Megan is another one meant to inspire for gorgeous autumn, cozy vibes ✨ The comfy sweater, the holiday-appropriate pillows (and I love the angle on that first one!) and the window shot gives me chills!! Of awe, of course. I’m totally in love with Megan’s feed!! ? Check out her blog here.



Amanda @littlemidnightreader


In my head, Amanda and I are already bff’s after I found her page! Wolfsong is my favorite book/series of 2020, ACOMAF is one of my all-time favorites that I’m constantly rereading, and the Mercy Thompson series (the book featured here is Night Broken), is one of those incredible urban fantasy series that I’m just constantly rereading! I adore the autumnal vibes of these ?? I may be biased towards the books, but I see these pictures and just think cozy. 



Danica @thehogsmeadereader


First of all, Danica’s page is just ??? to begin with. The editing skills showcased in the middle photo?? She’s got it. But then Hermione popping out of that gorgeous mug and the Flourish and Blotts candle???? I’m weak with love for these shots.



Sarena @thereadingrestaurant


Sarena came to play with these – not that’s a competition or anything, but you can’t not look at these photos and immediately think: fall ? First of all, Gilmore Girls is THE coziest TV show to watch. I’m already gearing up for my annual background-watch and I’m so ready for Rory and Lorelai!! But despite Gilmore Girls and all the amazing fall products in the bookend-photos, the bridge shot has to be my favorite ? If you’ve seen my bookstagram page, I favor nature photography and am completely obsessed with the cozy aesthetic in this one. Check out her blog here



Francesca @utcbookblog


Under the Covers Book Blog is a site that has inspired me for years now, and their bookstagram page, managed by Francesca, is no different. Her shots are always unique and make me just want to transport myself over there and join her for a chat about the latest book she’s reading ? Check out the UTC Blog | Check out The Fangover Podcast



Kelsey @abookishknight


Kelsey is a new discovery for me this week, and I’m definitely completely obsessed!! I will always be drawn to predominantly brown/nature-y photos, but these photos scream autumn to me. Plus she has a great taste in books ?

All of these bookstagrammers are all so lovely!! I highly recommend giving them a follow. All photos are linked back to their page :) If you want to check out my bookstagram page, you can check it out here! 

Are you ready for autumn vibes to take over bookstagram?? I know I am :) What are some of your favorite accounts? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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