October 2020 Bullet Journal Layout!

Posted October 10, 2020 by Kate

hello, loves! 

I am in love with my bullet journal for October! It’s definitely my favorite theme in the almost four years I’ve been bullet journaling, so I absolutely had to share ? One of my college friends texted me and we were talking about my bullet journal (whether I had kept it up during quarantine – yes!), and she said I “HAD” to do a rustic witch theme! 

I had a very vague understanding of what that meant, so I did some Googling and Pinteresting to more cement this idea in my head. I loved the black line drawings and such that I found, and I’ve LOVED pasting the brown. I’ve refallen in love with my bullet journal this month, and I hope I can keep this momentum going through the end of the semester! Loving my weekly spread means I love having it flipped open, and I’m more likely to cross items off it. Do you bullet journal? What’s your theme for the month? Do you have themes? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

My Monthly Spread

I start every month off with a monthly spread. Most months, this means a full two-page calendar layout, fully dressed up to fit that month’s theme. But in September, I experimented with a one-page vertical calendar layout, and I loved it! Creating the “Theme page” has been less than stressful (the opposite of what I expected), and so far I’ve loved how it allows me to be creative, and more fully set my theme in place!

I don’t really use my monthly calendar for things other than recurring events, but I use it to glance at how the weeks line up, and I like having it there to look back at. I’m SO happy with how this spread turned out! It has all the dark/vaguely sinister vibes I wanted for the month ??? I focused on blacks, silver, and brown for decor, and didn’t go heavy with orange and reddish-colors like normal and I’m IN LOVE!


Reading Tracker + Quote Page


This page I kept VERY simple. I have my usual stacked-books reading tracker immediately behind the calendar, and then a quick quote page that says “There’s a little ~w i t c h~ in all of us!”


Weekly Spreads

This first week’s spread, starting with “hello, little witch,” was seriously SO fun to put together! That cauldron!! I’m trying to figure out where in these spreads I can fit another one, I’m so in love with how it turned out! I absolutely CANNOT draw, but I did trace that from my iPad :)

This is also the first instance you see the packing paper come into play! I absolutely love Caitlin da Silva’s Bullet Journal content (and all her other stuff!), and she’s been obsessed with Kraft paper recently, and I am similarly obsessed with the layouts she pulls off with it! I didn’t want to buy a sheaf of Kraft paper yet, but I had a TON of this brown packing paper that has worked perfectly!! I’ve been using in my bullet journal for three months now, and I’m SO happy it fit in with my rustic witch vibe! Cutting out that witch from the paper though… damn. That was a bit tedious ?


The second week’s spread, starting with the witch’s hat at the top, is also very simple! I loved vaguely tracing it on top of part of the brown paper, it pulls everything together for me and makes it seem so integrated! This is also the first time I incorporated the black washi tape into a weekly spread, and It went in SO well! Normally I struggle with black washi tape, even though I love the look, I’m not always sure what to do with it! But it totally fit in with this scrap-booky look I have going on.

The one thing I wish I had changed was making an 8th box for the week’s Blog reminders. I could have put another horizontal box on the first page instead of making Monday / Wednesday so long. Lesson learned!


For week three’s layout, with the line-drawn witch, I used a typewriter font to write in, which fit… surprisingly well? I stole this lady from the previous page’s smaller art because I loved it so much. I’m doing a body positivity project for my social media class, and I’ve been loving line-drawn body art recently. That’s not exactly what this is, but I love the feminine Wiccan vibe it almost lends to the spread. I’ve been wanting to do a theme like this in my journal… maybe February? But this was very much traced… all you have to do is look at her hand to see that I’m no artist ?

I also set the spider-web washi tape to the side temporarily and focused on the packing paper and block sticky notes. The spider web was getting heavy use in the other spreads, so I wanted to give it a pause. However, if I don’t end up putting a cauldron below Thursday (which I think I might do!!), I may end up putting a small piece of black washi there.


Week four’s spread ties everything back together, utilizing more heavy pieces of packing tape and black sticky note + black washi tape, PLUS the adorable brown ghost!! I’m OBSESSED with how the layering turned out in that corner, with the two washi’s, and then the cute little guy!

Not to mention… my Jack-o-Lantern! You can kinda see where I screwed up and had to use white-out tape, but I’m still completely in love with how Mr. Jack turned out! Again with the layering moment on the packing paper ??✨


Fall Bucketlist

This next page is when I saw the tarot card image I’d forgotten I printed! This was a STUNNING piece of art that I HAD to feature somewhere, so I turned this spread into a fall bucket list! I left the right side blank for now, but I think I’ll end up putting movies to watch on that column, or maybe a few more autumnal recipes to try out ? It sadly ended up not turning out as well as I pictured it in my brain, but I still completely adore this artwork!


Blog Dashboard

Finally, after rebranding/revamping my blog this summer, I have a lot of fallout and maintenance I’m still working on, plus all my regular posting. I decided I needed a blog dashboard page for the month, and I’m quite frankly so surprised with how much I adore this spread!

It’s so important to love a productivity layout – at least for me. I love having this page flipped open on my desk, so that means I’m on this page frequently, checking off tasks and getting blog posts scheduled.


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Do you have a bullet journal? What’s your planning process/theme for the month? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you!

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