I’m exclusively reading ebooks for the next six weeks!! (My TBR)

Posted June 14, 2022 by Kate

hello, loves! 

I am spending six weeks away from home in New York City, and then jumping right into a roadtrip from North Carolina, and I made the courageous (and difficult) decision to leave all my books at home. Eep!! I just do not have the space 💀

That said, I’ll be reading primarily exclusively ebooks! I’ve put my TBR below… and I do use “TBR” loosely. This is more of a list of guidance for things that I’ll be “shopping” from to read during my time.


Kindle Unlimited

This curated list will likely vary and evolve… without the pressure of reading books I own physically, I’ll be much more spontaneous about picking up KU recommended reads. There’s no real TBR pressure in the next two months (despite this post). @liber_lady and @nightreads are always tempting me!





Libby Loans

These really span the gamut of genres, from thriller to fantasy adventures to summery rom-coms.










Otherwise known as my Netgalley shelf 😳😳 This summer, I’m focused on crossing as many of these off as possible… some of them are from 2015!! Check out my most recent progress update for Netgalley Warriors!








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