Surprise! I’m Making Cover Assumptions, Again: Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Posted June 14, 2022 by Kate

Welcome to a new series on my blog, where I select a book I know nothing about (haven’t read, haven’t read the synopsis – anything!) and make assumptions on the plot and characters based on the cover! What fun :)

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Welcome to my bookish assumptions on Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey!! If you haven’t seen my assumptions of book one in the Bellinger Sisters series, check it out here: Making Cover Assumptions about It Happened One SummerI’m pretty sure my assumptions were pretty on-point, if I do say so myself. But stay tuned for my update post to be sure 😁

I’ve only read one Tessa Bailey book before, Fix it Upso I don’t have a lot of experience with Tessa to influence my thoughts on this series, and what it could possibly be. I seemed to be able to build an entire plausible story with my assumptions from book one, so I’m hoping it’s an experience I can replicate again! I chose to continue Hook, Line and Sinker because I’m hoping to read it soon, and it has a descriptive illustrated cover that actually gives me something to work with! Not to mention, I have literally no clue what it’s about, and haven’t read the synopsis or heard a description. Let’s goooooo ✨

Disclaimer: The following are just my ignorant assumptions about the book and contain solely my opinions, which are not fact or intended to be construed as malicious or rude towards the cover, or as a review against the book itself. I have not read the book. The following is solely a guess.


Hook, Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey


Assumption #1: It’s a rom-com following the sister of the heroine from book one

Okay, so I believe in starting easy, letting the alleged plot flow through me, effortlessly building. Welcome to my workflow groove :) I’m guessing this is a rom-com, because the previous Tessa book I read was a rom-com, and it’s a romantic and casual illustrated cover! I know illustrated covers like this have been veritably taken over by the industry in several areas besides rom-com reads (which is, to me, in a word: wrong), but I think this is a pretty sure thing. The series is also called the “Bellinger Sisters” series, so I’m sure the sister guess is also a positive bet.


Assumption #2: This takes place in the same small, coastal town as book one

Not to repeat an assumption from the first book, but like I said, I believe in getting the easy ones out of the way. I didn’t know there was a sister involved when I was making my guesses about book one, so some of my assumptions about why the heroine(s) were going to the town may be off. This is a seriously stunning cover, and it gives off several nautical clues. First, there’s the anchor hook drawn into the author’s name. Second, there’s the dock the characters are standing on, atop a body of water. I’m assuming it’s an ocean rather than a lake because of that anchor, hence the “coastal town” guess. There’s also the title…. 😂


Assumption #3: She’s not a celebrity, but famous-adjacent

If the two women are sisters, my assumption from the first book was that the heroine was a celebrity or famous in some way, since she was so fashionable (and in heels). However, this heroine throws that of a bit. Not that celebrities can’t be, but she’s giving off very cool-girl, casual vibes that seem to be in conflict with the vibes of her sister. She’s either the sister or daughter of fame, and doesn’t seem as influenced by wealth. The chunky headphones could mean that she’s a musician?


Assumption #4: He’s a huge flirt, and she’s not buying it

This guy is a play-ah, play-ah! Look at that swoopy hair, tatted and in fashionable work boots and a cute jacket. He’s either wearing black jeans or slacks, but the boots make me think he’s not a business-man type. I also don’t think he’s in the construction field like the hero from book one. The swoopy hair is simply throwing me!!! I know what’s wearing isn’t incredibly stylish, but it’s not jeans and a tee, either. I can’t guess his occupation, but the cover details and title are giving fishing and/or boating?? But those definitely aren’t boat shoes. In fact, I bet he has a boat. That’s my final assumption on his occupation. Regardless, he’s definitely a huge flirt and into the hookup game in his small coastal time. I bet he’s besties with the hero from book one, but sleeps around much more. I’d also wager he has a casual fling with a female friend of his, and it will become a problem later in the story with the heroine.


Assumption #5: Cue friends-to-lovers storyline!

Regardless of his flirtatious ways, she’s not buying his moves (cool girl, remember?) and they become besties. I’d guess his hookups grind to a halt as their friendship progresses, and at the end he’ll say something like “there isn’t anyone else. there hasn’t been anyone sense [big friendship moment].” I want to make a grand guess about when they’ll hook up, but ahhhh I don’t know!! It’s 385 pages, but I’m not sure I’m getting major slow burn vibes?? I’d guess they’ll be unrequited for a while, but I can’t decide if I believe these two would enter a “with-benefits” situation, or if they’ll just *have a cute, romantic moment* and then avoid each other. I’m going to put my money on the following: they kiss or nearly kiss, laugh it off and avoid those romantic notions again for the sake of being friends. I’m guess there’s no “with-benefits” situation, but they may fall into bed and steer clear of each other for some until he convinces her to give it a go. That’s right! He’ll fall in love first 💛


Assumption #6: She’ll fall in love first

In the reverse of my first book, the hero will absolutely realize that he’s in love first. He’ll feel unworthy of the heroine, and perhaps assume that she’ll reject him because of his history with women. She will have to be convinced to give him a try. Of course, there’s always a chance the opposite will be true, that she’ll be interested far early, but bound by her insistence in the beginning that they were friends after possibly swearing off men and excited for a fresh start? Or maybe just looking for someone who wants a commitment. Regardless, once she’s interested, he respected her wish to be friends, she thinks he’s not interested in her. Besides that, she’s not interested in being another notch on his bedpost. Gosh, I may have just convinced myself that’s the case!! Agck! I’m wavering, waffling dithering… maybe it’s just dual unrequited love??


✨ Those are my assumptions!! ✨
I think I’m right about this one, I have a really good feeling about this :) I can’t wait to pick this one up and see if I was right!!


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