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hello, lovelies! 

It’s time for the OWLs!! I look forward to this month all year :) I’m going to be a spell maker!! First up will be my “required reading” towards the career that I chose, but I will try to get all the prompts read anyway! I absolutely adore this readathon. The Harry Potter aspect and the wonderful community surrounding it always makes me feel like I’m back home ?✨

What are the O.W.Ls and how do they work?

The Magical Readathon – a Harry Potter-based Readathon – has two subsets: The OWLs, which is occur in April, and the NEWTs, which occur in August. The OWLs are the Ordinary Wizard Levels (basically the magical achievement tests) in the books. 

To participate, you pick a career. Each career has a series of class exams that must be passed in order to be “eligible” for your career. For example, I want to be a spell maker, so I have seven exams to pass: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Charms, Divination, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. It’s kind of like getting your degree! 

Each exam has a reading prompt associated to it, and by reading a book that fulfills the prompt, you “passed” your exam! 1 book read = 1 exam passed. The different careers have various levels of exams associated with it, so you can be “required” to pass one exam, or all 12, depending on the career. (Check out the website | Check out the announcement video)

Ancient Runes

Read a book with a heart on the cover or in the title

This one sounds so sweet! I don’t know much about it other than it will be either my first or second graphic novel, and that it’s adorable and beloved by all. Also, the author is highly recommended. (My Review)


Read a book outside your favorite genre

This one sounds so adorable :) The cold duke who grew up from the slums and vows to get revenge on high society. But first… he must deal with the wealthy spinster next door and her menagerie of rescued animals that bother him so. But she refuses to give them up, unless he finds safe, loving homes first. (My Review)


Read the majority of this book while it’s dark outside (at night) 

This is also one of my ARCs for the month! Cain kidnaps the young Chief of his enemy clan and then attempts to woo her. Wonder why his efforts aren’t working?? Enemies-to-lovers historical fiction that just might win me over. (My Review)


Read a book with a white cover

Emmy (Bookstagram | Twitter) has been on me for months to be pick this one up. And if I’m being honest with myself, I really want to read it, too. And not because it’s stunning. The spine of this one??? *drool* (Rant Review)


Assign numbers to your TBR and run a number-generator 

This one just sounds so fun! The number-generator (Siri) picked this one at #107 – a great choice, as it’s one of the ARCs I have to read this month, anyway! Romantic suspense between a guy from a security firm and … a painting thief? oooh, La la! (My Review)

History of Magic

Read a book featuring witches or wizards

A cozy, magical mystery featuring a dorky witch and her dilapidated Inn, all involved in a murder?? This one sounds just so fun, I thought it would be a great addition for this month’s reading. Also, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited! (My Review)


Read a book that features shapeshifting 

I literally screamed when this ebook arrived at my library!! Friends-to-lovers MM neighbors second-chance paranormal romance between two werewolves? HELL TO THE YES (Goodreads | Amazon)


Apart from my “required” O.W.Ls I must take to become a Spell Maker ???? I do want to attempt to finish all the challenges 

Care of Magical Creatures

Read a book with a beak on the cover

Dee is cloverhand, meaning that she can see the faeries when most others can’t. See’s attracted to one such Faerie named Luke… except Luke is an assassin sent to kill her. A devious romance? I’ll certainly take it, thank you. (Goodreads | Amazon)

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Read a book set at sea/on the coast

I don’t know much about this one, but it does take place on the beach and feature people dangerously racing “savage water horses.” Not to mention, it’s Maggie Stiefvater (?) and there’s also a “mysterious Sean.” Oh yes (My Review)


Read a book that starts with the letter “M”

I love Abbi Glines’s Field Party series! This one is the fifth book in this quintessential high school romance set in a small town where Friday Night Football is everything… but the field parties after are even better. I love how she effortlessly weaves deep issues throughout them, and can’t wait to see where she takes this one – a romance between Senior Football Hero Ryker and New Girl, who happens to be deaf, Aurora. (My Review)

Muggle Studies

Read a book from the POV of a muggle (contemporary) 

I miss my college reality, so I’m definitely going to be picking up this new adult college romance, between two roommates, one of whom is her brother’s best friend. They may be attracted, but they also don’t like each other. Oooooooh (My Review)


Read a book under 150 pages

This will be one of my first forays into graphic novels – actually, it will be my first, unless I read Heartstopper first. I love PC Pacat’s other series, so I’m pumped to see what this one’s all about! (My Review)

Romance-opoly TBR

  • SPRING  (read a book with a green/yellow/flowery cover, a spring title, or a book featuring a gardener/farmer)
  • FANG ALLEY (read a PNR with a vampire or shifter as an MC) 
  • FATED FOLLY (read a fated mates PNR) 
  • THE VAULT (PNR that’s been on your list the longest) 
  • DRIVE-IN MOVIE (book that begins with a one-night-stand or a brief romantic tryst) 
    • Say You Still Love Me by KA Tucker (My Review)

Other books I’m planning on reading…


Been There, Done That by Hope Ellis ( ARC ) – Part of the new SmartyPants Romance launch, this is one of my ARCs I’m reading for this month! It’s set in my beloved town of Green Valley and features a second-chance romance. That’s all I need to know! (My Review)

Cutie and the Beast by ME Carter ( ARC ) – Another part of the new SmartyPants Romance launch, this is one of my ARCs I’m reading for this month! This one… I’m so intrigued!! It’s like a blended family romance (two single parents, temporary romance with eight-year-old children, who also work at the same gym)… but not. YEs! (My Review)

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – I don’t know much about this one, other than that it is highly loved, Harper and Rhen are the main characters, it’s a retelling of some kind and Harper has cerebral palsy. I’m so terrified to read this one, because it’s so highly hyped, but hopefully drawing it out of the TBR Jar will be the push I need!! (Goodreads | Amazon)


Slayer by Kiersten White – I’ve never been a Buffy person, I’ve only seen a few odd episodes, but I definitely want to read this. Most important, aside from the fact they are vampire hunters, is the fact that this takes place in a magical boarding school where they learn to become Slayers. Magical boarding schools are my kryptonite, and I’m so ready! (Goodreads | Amazon)

Addicted to You by Krista and Becca Ritchie (Free on Kindle!) – I’ve been seeing some hype for this one of the socials lately and I’m intrigued. Then… I realized that I’ve read it?? But it was years ago, like junior-year version of me. So I’m interested to go back and dive into this deep friends (with issues) to lovers romance and see if all the hype is worth it (Goodreads | Amazon)

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs – Book number five of the Mercy Thompson series, a fantastic urban fantasy mystery series! Check out my review for book one (and the rest) if you’re interested – it’s one of my favorites. The main character, Mercy, is a coyote shifter, and lives next door to the alpha of the local werewolf pack. Do sparks fly?? Oh honey, do they ever! (Goodreads | Amazon)

Book Club Book…

This is my Book Club pick for the month to go along with our fantasy theme! It’s free as an ebook on Scribd, which is excellent. Click here for 60-days of free Scribd! (My Review)

Are you taking part in the O.W.Ls?? If so, what career are you going for, and what are you planning to read? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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