Review: Hotter than Ever by Elle Kennedy

Posted March 5, 2020 by Kate

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Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Also by this author: Top Secret, , Him (Him, #1)
Series: Out of Uniform #9
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Three is most definitely not a crowd... Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride's nightmare: the groom is a no-show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone. Furious and humiliated, she seeks help from the most unlikely candidate-her almost-brother-in-law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she can recover her pride in peace and quiet.
Dylan Wade is no fan of Claire's, but he can't ignore the jilted bride in her time of need. Bringing her home seems like a good idea-until he remembers his new roommate. Dylan's relationship with Aidan Rhodes is...complicated. And with Claire thrown into the mix, life becomes even more...complicated.
Claire is blindsided by her attraction not only to Dylan, but also to Aidan, a man she's just met. Soon they're caught up in an all-consuming sexual storm they can't fight even if they wanted to. But when their hearts get involved, Claire wonders if it can last, or if she's just setting herself up for more heartache.
Warning: This book is very dirty. Menage a Trois and man-on-man dirty. Graphic language and explicit sex dirty. Basically? Dirty. You've been warned.

I read this to fulfill the Passion Place slot in Romance-opoly, which requires me to read a book featuring either a ménage à trois or a reverse harem (see my challenge progress here). I went with the former, as you can see! The premise of this one is oh-so-good, and it’s an Elle Kennedy, so I knew I wouldn’t be let down. Claire McKinley getting dumped on her wedding day sets the stage for almost brother-in-law Dylan to sweep her away to his home in San Diego for some recuperation time. Dylan and Claire don’t get along, but she certainly didn’t deserve what she got. But things get interesting when Claire shows up to the apartment Dylan shares with his lover, Aidan. 

Aidan and Dylan have been lovers for several months by this point, and love each other very much (although neither has said so). However, both realize that they can’t remain exclusive to each other without a woman involved somehow. 

Enter Claire. She and Dylan actually strongly dislike each other, but it isn’t love before sparks are flying between all three of the temporary roommates. What I liked so much about this one was that it as a journey, with a hate-to-love situation happening between Claire and Dylan, but eventually, Claire doesn’t want to be involved in that kind of relationship, because it scares her. So the boys back off and they all just become friends. I also love how distinct each of the characters were. They weren’t just two burly men looking to give Claire a good time, but actual flesh-out men. 

Hahaha did I have you there? It’s true, but seasoned Romancelandia readers like us realize that those situations never pan out for long. Aiden and Dylan may have backed off Claire, but instead, they all become best friends. This means feelings are definitely involved by that point, and it isn’t long before Claire reaches her breaking point with the undeniable lust circling the group. Then… things get really good ??

“Claire and Dylan bicker like children, but I’m there to turn them over my knee if need be.” 

I loved the fact that in this ménage à trois, the two boys were in a relationship first, so it was truly a three-way, rather than wholly about the female. I’m certainly not going to complain about the latter, but the former is definitely the better situation ? This book wasn’t just a sexy time, however. I wouldn’t be reviewing it if that were the case. All three characters had things that they were working through, and the connections they forged with each other truly shone. These guys were friends and it was very obvious.

With Elle Kennedy’s writing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this one really stood out to me, setting itself apart from the stereotypical erotic threesomes that spend more words on positions than on emotions and actual romance. There’s nothing wrong with lust (in fact, we love to see it), but in this one, Ms. Kennedy takes us on an exploratory journey between not only the characters but society in regards to how people react to a permanent MMF relationship. We’re able to develop an intimate relationship with all three people involved that is not only sexy and white-hot but achingly emotional. 

It’s utterly engaging because it mixes the good with the bad, shows the troubles with the benefits, from interior and exterior influences, and truly takes the reader and the characters on a journey that elevates the story to an engaging, sweet, sexy romance. In truth, I completely tore through this one, reading it in one sitting and finishing a little after 2 a.m. It was sexy, red-hot time, but it was also very flirty, lighthearted, and fun – better, they had lots of fun with each other (and I don’t just mean between the sheets). 

As this is the ninth book in the series, I think I’ll start from the beginning now and work my way up ? (Check out other reviews of Kindle Unlimited books)

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