Book Resolutions and Goals for 2019

Posted December 30, 2018 by Kate

2019 Resolutions and Goals Cover to Cover Book blog kat snark top ten

Hello lovelies and happy 2019! 

I’m a huge fan of goals and resolutions and all that jazz. They may not always happen, but they set the tone for a year done right and I support that. Whether it lasts all year long … we’ll see. But even if it only lasts for the rest of January, it benefits me. 

If there’s another thing I love – it’s lists! I have to admit to being a huge lover of lists. I have three years of bullet journals filled with lists! (and planning stuff, but also lots of lists.) What is so satisfying about writing things that you plan to do/need to remember down? Maybe it’s the procrastination part. Because while you’re writing things down that you need to do, you’re not really doing them! Huzzah!! Procrastination is my word of the year, isn’t it lovely looking? Click this link to check out my post from 2018

2019 Resolutions Looking back Reading resolutions book challenges cover to cover lit book blog kat snark

  • BLOG, KAT, BLOG! nope, did not do much better here. time management doesn’t exist when there are books to be read
  • NO REVIEW PRESSURE this I did do much better on – I did not push myself to review every book I read, and it was liberating. However, not having review pressure doesn’t mean I shouldn’t ever review a book, something I need to work on in 2019.
  • BUY A DAMN BOOKSHELF this finally happened!! I got bookshelves for my birthday :) 
  • USE GOODREADS! okay, so this didn’t happen quite as much as I would have liked, but I got there eventually. Perhaps I should just schedule time in once a week or so. 
  • TRACK BOOKS this I did great on! I have a page in my bullet journal each month to track the books I read during that time. It’s worked amazingly well, and it’s a gorgeous page that I can look forward to each month :) 
  • READ BOOK SUBSCRIPTION BOOKS um, I don’t think I did this. 
  • BE MORE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA – if “being more” active on social media means that I am often on social media and almost never post … success!! 
  • BE MORE DIVERSE IN GENRE AND TOPICS – this I did okay with. I tried to read a bunch more diverse books, but I also often defaulted back to the fluffy contemporaries :) 
  • MAKE TIME FOR WHAT I LOVE ehhhhh moderate success. Blogging did start to take a backseat this year, which was highly unfortunate, but I was also able to do things I loved instead and made it a goal to budget time for myself to do those things that I love. 

2019 Resolutions Looking back Reading resolutions book challenges cover to cover lit book blog kat snark

1. Be a better blogger

I’ve been obsessed with consistent blogging and being extraordinarily active on here. But I don’t really think that’s what I need to be focusing on. I just need to be a better blogger, not a more-often blogger. This means being more active in the community – on social media, and on Goodreads. Of course, I want to blog more often, but that shouldn’t be my main goal. Quality over quantity, ya know?

2. Maybe a little review pressure …

Last year, one of my goals was to take away the pressure of reviewing all – or even most – of the books I read. But this year, I’m thinking that I need a little bit of pressure. Taking away the pressure had the consequence of me hardly reviewing anything – which isn’t ideal when it comes to having a freaking book blog or a Goodreads account. Especially when it comes to the End-of-Year Best-of-Books post.

3. Track Books Through Bullet Journal

Every month last year, I made a spread immediately following my monthly calendar to track the books I read during that time. I also wrote down what I was reading on a day-to-day basis as a secondary tracker, and then wrote it down on the monthly tracker once it was finished with a star rating. It worked really well, and I want it to continue for 2019.

4. Use Goodreads More

I do need to use Goodreads for the tool that it is. Tracking books (not just adding them in on a bulk-basis), reading reviews, and discussing with people! I also need to make use of the bookshelves and marking books as “Want to Read.” That’s the best feature, but it just doesn’t work to its fullest potential if I don’t put work with it. When my shelves no longer reflect my interests, that’s a problem.

5. Attempt more photography

End of Year Survey 9th Anniversary 2018 in Review Reading books read Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat Snark Kruback perpetual page turner

I’ve always tried to take my own photos, and really hate using Fair-Use ones. But coming up with the inspiration, setting up the scene, taking the photos, cleaning up the scene, and then picking the photos … it’s not something to take lightly. Not for me, at least.

6. Be more active on social media

Bookstagram is one of my most favorite places to be ever! It’s so pretty and makes me very green-eyed, yes, but the sense of community is unmatched. Even on Goodreads, you have bullies, but I haven’t seen anything but beauty and kindness on Bookstagram. There are negative comments towards books, of course, you can’t like every book you read, but there’s bonding through those comments and usually, the bookstagrammer isn’t stupid enough to tag the author in those posts. Twitter is not as much my thing, but I very much regret that I don’t have much time for Bookstagram.

7. Make more time for other blog posts – and comment!

I get a lot of blog posts from some of my favorite blogs emailed directly to my inbox. So I read them and love them… but hardly ever actually navigate out of my inbox to the blog post, to log into WordPress and then to “like” and “comment.” Even as a blogger myself, who values both of those things on my own posts, it’s hard to remember to do it for others. The hypocrisy is real!

Reading Challenge Goodreads 2019 Cover to Cover Book Blog Kat Snark

8. I will read 120 books this year

This is my Goodreads challenge goal and it’s one that I’m excited to partake :) I read 130-some books this year towards my goal of 100 books, but next year is an entirely new experience with starting college in the fall, so really I have no idea what my reading will be like next year. We’ll see!

9. Read the following books from my bookshelf

I have a lot of books that need to read … let’s start with these

10. Participate and Succeed at Romance-opoly

romance-opoly cover to cover book blog under the covers reading challenge kat snark

Instead of the Romance Roundabout Reading Challenge, which has been hosted by Under the Covers book blog for the past several years, they’ve decided to start Romance-opoly instead! I’m still doing the Romance Roundabout Reading Challenge, tracking it in my bullet journal, but Romance-opoly sounds super fun! I will participate, and I will succeed!! *pumps fists*

Wish me luck! I hope I can stick to some of these goals and resolutions year-round… we’ll see :) What are some of your 2019 Bookish Resolutions and Goals? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. The book goal sounds so interesting and I am so keen to join in with the challenge!! It seems like you have had a very productive 2018 and I have only just found your blog but love it! Happy new year lovely xx

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