Which Should I Read Next? College Hockey Romance or Bed-and-Breakfast Romance

Posted May 21, 2022 by Kate

hello, loves! 

I’m a mood reader, and also really behind on all popular/hyped books, in general. My Libby app is getting sick of me renewing loans of books I really want to read… but just don’t. For whatever reason!

I need a little bit of reading pressure so I don’t just slog my way through the week reading mediocre books with little commitment on Kindle Unlimited instead (not intended as a slight against KU, I’ve read so many fantastic top-notch reads from there! That’s just what I end up selecting because it’s an easier pick.) instead of the so-many highly anticipated reads on my physical shelves or library shelves.

Today I’m asking: Which romance book should I prioritize reading this week? 


⏬ Which Should I Read Next? ⏬

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The Goal by Elle Kennedy (Goodreads) is the first option, and is the fourth book in the incredible Off Campus new adult romance series following hockey player Tucker and future lawyer Sabrina, who have been sizzling and flirting their way through the series so far. It follows the duo after a hot, tender hookup…. with lasting consequences. I adore Elle Kennedy reads and hockey romances, so this can’t go wrong!!

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert (Goodreads) is the second option, and is the third + final book in the Brown Sister romance series. It follows the sassy and chaotic purple-haired youngest Brown sister, Eve, and her shenanigans that leave bed-and-breakfast owner and stranger, Jacob, with a broken arm. Suddenly she’s trying to help, in his spare bedroom and his bed-and-breakfast. Hallah, dislike-to-lovers 😁🙌🏼  Plus a bed-and-breakfast?? This story can’t not be great!


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