Review: London Royal by Nana Malone

Posted December 23, 2020 by Kate

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Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Series: London Royal #1
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Source: My shelves

Rich. Entitled. Possessive pain in my ass. I know exactly what I don’t want.
I escaped to London under the cover of night, never thinking I'd run smack into a man who would turn me inside out.
I had a plan. Simple, really.
Step one: Follow my dream, away from from the demons of my past. Step two: Land on my own two feet, preferably far, far, away from the man who hurt me and broke my heart. Step three: Live a little and avoid all men with dark secrets.
So far, I'm not doing so hot.
He's a royal amongst peasants, and the last kind of trouble I need--a filthy rich alpha who can see straight into my soul. Our secrets hold us both captive. Something tells me I’ll be powerless to stop his magnetic pull, especially when he tells me I'm going to be his, damn the consequences.

London Royal is a book that I went into with ~expectations~ of greatness. This book has been recommended to me multiple times, so when this book was picked for me to read for July’s On My Kindle #1 video, it seemed like kismet! I see Nana Malone everywhere and thought it was finally time I give one of her books a try.

This one follows Abena “Abbie,” who is running away from her abusive boyfriend (and permissive family) in DC, to a dream master’s photography program in London. This is where she runs in Lex, and keeps running into a Lex, who is royalty, technically a Prince, and distant heir to the throne, if his family wasn’t exiled years ago for ~reasons~. I really, really liked the emotional portrayal of the abusive relationship, and I loved watching Abbie grow in the aftermath.

She’s the woman who flew halfway around the world
for a chance to be amazing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t fall head-over-heels in love with this one like I so-much wanted to. Maybe it’s because I went in with inflated expectations, but this just felt a bit stretched out and overdone. Like… why was Lex still so absurdly famous? His family was exiled from a very small country years ago, and paparazzi is still hounding their every move. It just seemed a tad… dramatic. Especially with the opening of the book ?

That said, I loved Abbie in her strength as she ran away from home, and was starting over and rebuilding her life and herself away from this prestigious abusive guy she’s been with since she was 16. Lex, too, was very kind and supportive, but their whole relationship just felt so insta-love-y. There really wasn’t a courtship or burn, it was just a physical attraction and then they were in love. However, I will say that I am very much in the minority on this one. It’s a simple, flirty romance, and I think I just went in with too-high expectations.

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