Autumn Products I Have Heart-Eyes Over ?

Posted October 6, 2020 by Kate

hello, lovely gals!

IT’S SWEATER-WEATHER!!! ? I live for this season ?? Drifting leaves, chilly, fresh air, sweaters, warm blankets!! It’s cozy: my favorite state of being ??? Today I’m wrapping up some of my favorite autumn products I’ve seen around – bookish and not. If I could own them all, I would. But I can’t, so instead, I made this list for you to obsess over, too! ?


1. Bookish in Autumn Tees

Both t-shirts are from The Bookish Shop, and they look so fun!! Both very understated, but ugh I just want to snuggle them! I don’t typically have this reaction to t-shirts, I’m more a cozy-sleeve-gal myself, but picture these with a warm cardigan??? YES ??  I’ve loved their candles and prints in the past, but I definitely just placed an order to try their apparel items!! ??? Don’t tell my wallet – I cheated and used PayPal!


2. Knitted Pumpkins!! ???

Look ?? at ?? how ?? cute ?? these ?? are!! ? Big thanks to @amysbookishadventures because I first saw these when scrolling through Bookstagram and literally was agog ? They’re stunning!! I want a million of them. On every surface. During every season. Oh my gosh I cannot they’re so cute!! Check them out on Etsy here! SamarinaCo also sells bookish-inspired candles, book sleeves, bookmarks and other goodies – find them on Instagram, or see how to make your own here!


3. All the candles!! Yummy smells :)


The Bookish Shop’s Autumn Court candle is definitely going to be an impulse-buy that happens soon. I adored the Summer Court candle, and maybe I just need to complete my collection… right?? Then there’s White Barn’s Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle… ?? Apologies for it not being a small bookish business like the rest, but this is my all-time favorite candle. It’s pure goodness, not perfume-y at all, and I buy at least three each year. If not more ?

Then there’s this In the Wick of Time Stars Hollow candle that I’ve been giving heart-eyes to for years now! I’m in love with everything Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girl’s anyway, but add that to the moody fall vibes of this picture and I’m in LOVE! ?? This will be the year I break down and purchase it, I just know it! (There’s also this beautiful set!!!)


4. Mugs! Nothing says cozy like a mug ???


Not to alarm you, but this Sweater Weather mug from Chalk Full of Love’s fall collection is giving me twitchy hands. It’s so cute, and it’s not the only one!! I just want their whole store please thank you ??? Check out their beautiful Instagram account @cflshop


5. DIY Fall Leaves


There’s a reason Pinterest is my main squeeze. Two seconds on there and I’m inspired… I’m going to kick college’s ass!! I’m going to start a business!! I’m going to make six figures off an Etsy!! I’m going to make an Etsy!! … I’m going to tape leaves to a wall ??  I saw the first picture on Pinterest (credit to, I instantly decided I wanted to do a fall feature wall, too!

Except I’d also find and print off some cool Fall Print’s, and really make the whole thing ridiculously autumnal. Something I can sip my apple cider and gaze at lovingly ?? I found some leaves on Amazon (pictured right), and they seem obnoxiously colorful enough. What do you think? I’ll definitely use some of these free prints from


6. Free art prints!

Speaking of… free art prints!! Look at these gorgeous free ones from!! I want them everywhere. And free! I love By Sophia Lee’s site – she has such a fun personality on Instagram and is just as Type-A organized as I love to be! Not to mention, she had some killer tips, deals and advice for college years, and as I’m nearing my first apartment.


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What are some fall purchases you have heart-eyes over? Do you go crazy with wanting your environment to be as cozy autumnal as I do? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

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