Review: Deacon by Kristen Ashley

Posted September 23, 2020 by Kate

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Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Also by this author: Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #1)
Series: Unfinished Heroes #4
Publisher: Kristen Ashley
Source: My shelves

Deacon has an ugly history, a history that broke him, leaving him a ghost of a man. Out of necessity, he left the normal world to descend into the criminal world and found he fit. So he stayed. Cold as ice and living off the grid, Deacon has no intention to connect, not with anyone.
Then he returns to some remote cabins in the Colorado Mountains and finds they have new owners. One of them is Cassidy Swallow, a young woman willing to work hard to live her quiet dream in a house by a river surrounded by aspen and pine.
Suddenly, Deacon finds he’s at war. Cassidy’s pull for him to connect is strong. He fights it, but he loses, always coming back for more. But when he does, he gives her nothing.
From the first time she sees him, Cassidy knows Deacon is dead inside. She knows he’s the kind of man who could destroy a woman. But one night when Deacon’s control slips, Cassidy takes a chance.
He might break her. He also might be her dream come true.

I make no bones about the fact that Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite comfort reads, namely because I’ve read so many of her books so many times, her writing is truly like coming home. But in Deacon, the fourth book in a series of dangerous, troubled heroes who are sexy as hell but also super damaged, she has truly created a cozy read that is always one of the first that I turn to when I need a warm book-hug.

Deacon follows Cassidy Swallow, who owns a series of 12 cabins around her home that she rents out to paying customers for a few night stays and vacations. A man named John Priest – obviously a fake name – is her first paying customer, and remains one that stops by a few times over the next four years, always staying in cabin eleven.

“Not easy, fightin’ your pull. Wantin’ to be right here. Knowin’ I was no good for you. Prayin’ you’d get a man so when I’d come back I’d have a reason to stay away.”

I 👏🏻 LOVE 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻 BOOK 👏🏻 I’ve read it so many times now, it’s truly become one of my go-to’s for comfort reading. Cassidy is just such a great heroine to read: she’s strong, she knows what she wants and she’s willing to fight for it. This book’s setting is so, so cozy: a home surrounded by picturesque mountains and nature, with cozy cabins all around. There’s a gazebo being built, a stream nearby, and it’s such a perfect setting for a comfort read! Every time I read this, I want to become a proprietress of vacation cabins in beautiful, rural Colorado. What a fantastic life! <3 Gotta love a home reno romance ☀️

Deacon himself is one of my favorite alpha-types: growly, possessive, and doesn’t say much, but what he says is important ✨ He wasn’t in a good place, and I loved watching Cassidy break his shell, however unknowingly she did it at first. Not most important, but seriously notable… this book is H-O-T 🔥 Look, I had to say my piece. The sexiness of this book hasn’t dulled after about 8 rereads, and it’s good. I can’t recommend this enough, honestly ✨

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