On My Kindle #1

Posted July 9, 2020 by Kate

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m launching a new monthly series! I don’t know if you’ve been doing the same… but I’ve been downloading so many free books!! With everything that’s been going on, authors have been so kind in putting their books on super-discount or having them be temporarily free.

And I’ve been taking advantage. I follow several people on Bookstagram who post daily about all the deals out there… and I one-click like a crazy person!

To combat this over-hauling of books (because I’m not going to stop! Free books!), I’m launching a new monthly initiative on my BookTube channel to randomize my Kindle books and have it pick 2-5 books to read each month, and my goal is to read AT LEAST two (2) of them. I have no idea what half the books on my Kindle app are about, but I know I was genuinely excited for several of them! I’ve just completely forgotten them?

The Rules…

  1. Each month, I will be filming a TBR video to announce my intentions 
  2. I will pick 2-5 books for each month’s TBR. 
  3. I must read at least two books from the selected TBR, but the goal is to read all of them (Hmmm, we’ll see LOL) 
  4. The book must be a book that I purchased or downloaded from Kindle. Regular Kindle Unlimited books accessed through the subscription do not count, and KU books can only be used if I had it on my Kindle outside of the subscription. 

Check out my BookTube video!

This monthly series will actually be available on my BookTube channel!
Check out my video above, and don’t forget to subscribe! :)


Hands Down by Mariana Zapata

[ Goodreads | Kindle Unlimited ]

I love, love, loved Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata, and remember enjoying the Wall of Winnipeg a couple of years ago! So when I saw this new release, I knew it was time to delve into a Zapata binge this month – so it was all the more fortuitous that I randomly got this book picked for the On My Kindle raffle! 

London Royal by Nana Malone

[ Goodreads | Amazon ]

I know almost nothing about this book, other than there’s an arrogant guy in it, (Which… yeah I’ll take it :) and a heroine who’s running away from something. I’ve heard people talk about Nana Malone, so I suppose it’s time to see what all the fuss is about! 

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

[ Goodreads | Kindle Unlimited ]

This is more of a taboo book, I think? I’m fairly sure there’s an age gap in this one. But basically we have a single dad, CFO of Cloverleigh Farms, who has the hots for his kids’ nanny, who also happens to be the boss’s daughter. 


Sparrow by LJ Shen

[ Goodreads | Kindle Unlimited ]

I’ve been wanting to read this dark romance for years. YEARS! But I’m so intimidated by it. Not to mention, LJ Shen has been blowing up the past couple of months, and it’s high time I read one of their books. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited! 

After All by Karina Halle

[ Goodreads | Kindle Unlimited ]

I loved (and have since reread) Smut by Karina Halle, and have very much been intending to read more of her books! But… well, the TBR got in the way. I’m so excited to dive into this fake-dating / celebrity / ONS? I’m alllll in, gurl. 

Let’s Chat!! 

Do you set a monthly TBR? What’s your favorite reading medium? Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments below,  I’d love to hear from you! 

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