Sunday Post #3

Posted June 25, 2017 by Kate

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How my week went

I had dance intensives this week and … wow. Intensive is right! I’m used to long, late-night practices. But five hours of straight dancing starting at 9:30 am … it’s a bit much. It kind of takes up your whole day, doesn’t it? Alas. At least I can come home, throw myself in my chair, eat a heaping bowl of ice cream, and read. Which is kind of counter-productive, but I don’t care. It was necessary ?

Except then on Saturday – I had a fourteen-hour shift. Ow. After the week I had, fourteen hours at my local amusement park standing was a bit too much for me. I can’t feel my feet. Really. Where did they go?!!?

But overall, I did have a fun week. I worked hard, sweated a lot, but it was very fun. Which is good – if it wasn’t, I might have boycotted. 

Last Week on the Blog

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This Week on the Blog

What I Read This Week

In my defense … I didn’t have much time to read this week.

Around the Blogosphere

Well, Paper Fury strikes again! I talk about her every week because she is my #1 blog to follow constantly. Plus, Cait never sleeps. I’m convinced. She has all these amazing photos with like 4,548,645 books in the background (which is just mind-blowing. I have a photoshoot that includes a maximum of five books in each picture and my shelves are currently bare because they threw their books at me and I haven’t had time to pick up so floor-is-not-lava, floor-is-books. Anyway.), she writes like FIVE blog posts a week (which just blows my mind because HOWW), she reads all the time, writes all the time, bakes cakes (well, I assume. Talks about them at least) and I just don’t know how anyone could possibly sleep with all that. Point is, there’s always something to soothe your Paper Fury need. My #1 favorite post from her this week is 10 Authors I Claim Are My Absolute Favourites…But Have I Read All Their Books Yet?? #AwkwardNo. It’s so funny and #relatable. She needs to contact The Broke and the Bookish to put this as a Top Ten Tuesday idea. Also, this, 17 Bookworm #LifeHacks That Will Help Achieve Success (Or Else Confusion And Death…Who Knows! Exciting!) Love it :DD

So that is pretty much it for other blogs. I’ve been really busy this week … :/ I am definitely planning on catching up with other blogs tonight! Readers in Wonderland and Lost in Lit, here I come! 

BUT I did watch some BookTube! I’m not going into specific videos (because how to pick), but I’ll definitely recommend some of my favorite BookTubers: 

Readbyzoe | PolandBananasBOOKS | emmabooks | abookutopia | Peruse Project | SophiesSeries

They are all very entertaining and fun, I highly recommend you check them out :)   

Book Hauls

Which I got from a huge YA book sale (thank you for messaging me, Hailey, I loved shopping through and only choosing one book was hard!) But I also got a ton of books from Loveswept, a part of Random House Publishing. I’m really looking forward to getting into these scrumptious romances :)

Totally Random

So my (7-year-old not quite any more) puppy got a hair cut! She’s always had an amazing amount of hair – it’s insane how much hair she actually had. It was like 30% of her body weight (probably more). She could lay outside in -3 degrees on the snow and not feel it through her hair. So we gave her a haircut and now she looks like an adorable lamb!


Isn’t that amazing? She legit looks like a lamb now. I came home from work and was completely shocked. It’s so cute!!! <3

How was your week? What books did you get in the mail? What did you add to your TBR? What have you read recently that you liked? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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